Smith and Wesson MP12 Tactical Flashlight

I went camping recently, and I realized that I have some very useful things when it comes to the darkness and cold.   I’ll start listing each item separately, but I’ll start off with my flashlight.

The Smith and Wesson MP12 tactical flashlight.  


Not only does it sport a high (875 lumens) and low (43 lumens) mode, but it also has a strobe feature to blind the fuck out of yourself or people.  To give perspective on how BLINDING this flashlight is, here is a simple lumen chart of common flashlights



Just make sure the people are not prone to seizures.  The batteries required are those CR123 photo batteries, so do yourself a solid and order them from Amazon.

As a bonus, the crown of the flashlight is bevels for bashing, either self defense, car window breaking, or opening beer bottles.  Plus, the flashlight is weather-resistant, so it will be your good friend in the rain as well as the darkness.


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