Progress on PARALLEL sequel


Requested aid from a 3rd party as a an art/environmental consultant



Baby steps….baby steps



Adding in a puzzle piece for the next game  🙂  Something called a Cryptex



10-6-16 (Updated from 9-6-16)

SWIVEL Preview

No flash installed

Added in some place holders for where furniture will be, added ceiling lights as well.  You’ll notice that I removed the textures, that is because I spent some time studying lighting (crash course tutorials) and how the light behaves, especially with the program I am using.  I also increased the fps for a smoother rotation.


I posted a picture a week or so ago, but I updated it to make the room with more character and menace.    I am happy to have finally found time to work on this, I’ve missed it, and I’m sure you all are waiting to see what happens 🙂



It has been TOO LONG.  I have been LAZY.  Something called LIFE gets in the way.

Anyways, as it turns out, my tests show that my original plan for the sequel is a bit TOO ambitious.  I know I want to get the story moving, along with making cutting edge graphics, so I modified the story to tone down the expansive idea I had.

This time, it won’t be too dark!




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