Next chapter of Project Parallel

Due to the success of Escape the Study: Project Parallel, the next chapter will be started next week.

Once again, the limits of escape games will be pushed!
Thank you everyone!

7/6:  Concept art for the next game.  This is an idea for one of the “rooms”

hive 2-4

If there’s a suggestion you’d like to make, leave a comment!



7/2:  The more praise I get, the more pressure I feel.  Good news is, I finished the (very basic)  walk through and sketches of the next game.  Yes there will be ACTUAL puzzles.  This will not be anywhere near as dark as the previous game.   And just to be fair, this next game will be very large.  I hope to have the 3d art done by mid July, and the programming done by the end of this month, and beta testing starting in early August.  Wish me luck!

6/30:   After a few energy drinks and taking a break from other work to play video games, I have decided the theme of the next game and how it reveals and adds more to the plot.   The game will contain more than Escape the Study.  Also I do listen to the comments!  I will address the darkness issue and there will be more puzzles.  The letters will stay,  and the fonts will be more legible.  Beta testing will be extended so that glitches can be caught and fixed.

Once I finish the 3d work, I’ll update the story to incorporate the sequel’s plot.

I am VERY happy that the 360 camera and story was praised!   You guys give me the love and the fuel to continue on!

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