Learning the ways of Amazon Echo Dot

Call me traditional, but I was happy with the way my home worked with wall switches and standard outlets, all that jazz.   Now that I have an Amazon Echo Dot, the possibilities are endless!   So many UPGRADES!

Lets break down the features and functions that I have learned so far after spending a few hours researching.

Amazon Echo Dot – Amazon $49.99 – A device that acts as a form of Siri that communicates with (compatible) devices on the same network.

  • Great for ordering Dominos

WeMo Outlet – Amazon $34.99 – An outlet that is wifi enabled to be controlled by Alexa.

  • Great for lamps or other devices that are plugged into outlets
  • Various reports of vulnerability to power surges…

Phillips Hue Light Bulb Starter Pack – Amazon $69.99 – Two LED light bulbs and a hub to connect up to 50 of the same light bulbs to be controlled by Alexa

  • Great for lights that are in lamps or fixtures that are not plugged into an outlet


Then there are the “Skills” you can use through Alexa to perform an action to another service or app that is sync’d with Alexa.

Translator – Use this app to tell Alexa to translate English words into many different languages

  • “Alexa ask Translator to say ‘Hello’ in German”



More to share as I go!

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