GTA 5 Redux Mod

As if GTA 5 (For the pc) cannot get any more real!  First of all, look at the sneak peek, then listen to my rant!


Ok, now for the rant.  When GTA 5 came out, it took the market by storm.  I’d say it was THE game, one of the final games for the ps3 that pushed the F*** out of the system!  SERIOUSLY, I was watching TV shows in a game…. then forgot I was playing a game.  How did they handle the management of the material?  “Ok Bob, you cover everything in city block 5-A from billboards to movie theatres and their movies”  or is it like “Charles, when the player sits down to watch TV, make up a show.  If they read a magazine, write the articles.”

Soon enough, the game was enhanced and ported to the next generation of consoles and finally to the pc. People are pushing this game’s graphics as close to realism as they can, and it’s working!

I really cannot wait to see what they have for GTA 6.


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