Gears of War 4 Fixes

At last!  The fourth installment of Gears of War is here!   What an amazing series of manliness, grunts, weapons, blood, and enough testosterone to make hair on my chest grow from just playing the game!

Alas, no release is without some problems, so to help enjoy your game more, here are some noted fixes:

Updated 10-13-16


“We have identified a fix for the hitching that occurs at the start of a Multiplayer match on Xbox One in the past couple of days. We have temporary workaround solutions, but we will be rectifying the issue as soon as possible with a small Title Update.
Solution: Open four other games (allow them to load past the initial splash screen) and then load Gears of War 4.
Alternative Solution: As a last resort, you can also uninstall and re-install the game to fix the issue.

The only pre-requisite to be able to apply this solution is to actually have four other games installed on your console.”  -Windows Report


Update on 10-12-16

“The title update’s biggest change addresses an issue in the campaign’s third act, which can block progress past the fifth chapter. While a chapter restart was previously required, the update is set to eliminate this hindrance. Today’s update comes in at an estimated 200MB on Xbox One, and a slightly larger 300MB on Windows 10.

A server side update is also being deployed, which revolves around balancing and connectivity in the game’s multiplayer portion. While this update is automatically applied, The Coalition has warned of potential server disruptions during the rollout period.

Matchmaking is continuously being worked on to help make the match making more stable.

Dodgeball Rounds To Win Increase
Rounds to Win: 3 -> 4
We’ve increased the Rounds to Win limit to extend the time spent in Dodgeball matches, which our data and fan feedback indicates is currently running a little on the low side.”  –Gears of War forums


Make sure your computer can run the game effectively!

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