Escape the Study Walk Through

Are you enjoying the game, Escape the Study (Chapter 1 of the Parallel Series), but find yourself stuck?

Here is the guide to help you through:

  • First off, you need to “read” nine letters before you can escape
  • The ninth only appears after you’ve read the first eight
  • You can find the letters on the couch, desk, in the box, in the vent, on the floor of the closet, the first drawer, and the third drawer.  The Ad doesn’t count.
  • The key behind the doll on the shelves will unlock the box on the shelves by the futon
  • The key inside the box on the shelves by the futon will unlock the second drawer and the closet
  • The second drawer contains the screwdriver
  • The screwdriver unscrews the screws on the vent cover, which allows you to take the next key
  • The key you found in the vent unlocks the first drawer
  • Go to the clock on the shelves, and read the time
  • Open the closet door, read the letter on the floor of the closet, then go to the safe
  • Enter the time on the clock, and take the last key.
  • The last key opens the third drawer
  • By this time, you should have “read” all the letters.  Open the fifth drawer, and there should be a letter in there
  • Read the last letter, and then go to the main door that you couldn’t open and you can escape

If you are confused, I wrote down the current story for the first chapter.



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