Each Day Is A Holiday


Today is National Pumpkin Day!  That means you really need to go and get a pumpkin, and put those carving skills to the test!  Here’s some inspiration!




Today is Food Day, and that is exactly what it sounds like!   Go eat some good food!


Today is World Student Day!   So go and learn something cool!


This is the day called National Make A New Friend.   Maybe you play a lot of video games, hike, or whatever interaction you have with fellow human beings, but go out there and make a new friend!  Then kick your new  best friends shoes!


Today is No Beard Day!   So that means if you’re a guy, shave that chin!


Welcome to Monday, again.  Today is National Boss Day…..   For some of you lucky people, you may have the most wonderful boss one could ever ask for.   As for the unfortunate others, here’s a game to relieve your stress   (I don’t recommend opening or playing this game at work)


Today is International Dessert Day!   That means you go out and you find and consume the most delicious looking dessert you can find!    I don’t care if you’re on a diet, vegan, or whatever, there is always room for dessert!




Today is International Suit Up Day, so go out and do your chores, errands, shopping, etc in a suit!  Wear it because you can and look awesome!


Today, I’m going to celebrate the International Moment of Frustration Scream Day!   I live in an area where the drivers are shit, traffic is really thick shit, and the people are full of shit!   So as I drive, I will do plenty of screaming and I shall do my best NOT to scream at people/clients!    Cheers!


Today is National It’s My Party Day.  Go out and throw yourself a party!  Make today a party, your party, and party hearty!


Today is Kick Butt Day, so find something you’re really good at, and kick butt!  My day is just getting started, so I don’t know what I’m going to take on, but I sure will kick butt today in one way or another!  Cheers!


Today is International Beer and Pizza Day.  Make the most of it by getting your favorite pizza, and having a beer.

It was very nice out, so I ended up doing my laundry, and then making a really epic whole grain pasta with chicken spinach sauce, then moved everything to the dryer, and went for a long run/walk.  Now I can enjoy that beer and pizza a little more!



Thank you Checkiday.com for inspiration and guidance on how I should spend my bored days


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