I recently started getting into another survival game.   I’ve been playing DayZ since it was an addon to Arma 2.  The whole concept of “die a few dozen ways” and prioritizing your gear was something that always appealed to me (Gave be flashbacks of Resident Evil 4).  Not only did I have to survive and avoid starvation, there were also zombies.  I got to experience the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and use my wits to survive instead of watching movies.

Now, about that recent survival game.  Its name is Ark:  Survival Evolved.   For the longest time, I thought DayZ was the best survival game, but now I am wondering if I am wrong.   Ark Survival offers more developed mechanics, smoother combat, and CRAFTING.  Oh yeah, have I mentioned dinosaurs are far more intimidating than zombies?  A lovely expedition out at sea can turn south quickly when a alligator the size of Moby Dick jumps on your boat and eats you!

So I want to compare them since they are both in the survival genre.

Survival Difficulty – DayZYou can die from many things, and food is scarce at the first start.  In Ark, I can just eat a bunch of berries in the many plants I find.

Combat – Ark.  Smooth, and yes you can use mounts to fight.  DayZ has a long ways to go because of its twitchy zombie combat.

Crafting – Ark.  Not only can you build structures, but vehicles and you can build spawn points.

Enemies – Ark.  The sheer size and habitats where the dinosaurs reside are more intimidating than the predictable locations of zombies.  In Ark, even the woods and open waters are not safe.  Plus, Ark adds new dinosaurs each update.

End Game – ???? I have not gotten to the end game in Ark to fairly judge this one.  In DayZ, my end game was military gear and becoming completely self sufficient.  In Ark, I am looking forward to taming a flying mount and bring swift judgement from the sky.

Environment – If you like the wilderness, go with Ark.   If you prefer the urban fights, go with DayZ.

Requirements – From what I experience, Ark is far more graphically “needy” than DayZ.


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